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Advantages of working as a doctor in Zambia


1. High level wages
The starting salary in the state hospital depends on a category which the doctor receives as a result of an interview, and makes up from 3500 to 5000 US dollars.
Before the beginning of work first settlement allowance is paid (25 % from the annual income of the doctor after the conclusion of the contract) that is 5000 dollars.
After 3 years contract a gratuity is paid, about 20000-22000 dollars.  
Specified salaries are provided for doctors with the minimal experience.
Doctors with long experience and the high skills earn significantly more.
The contract is guaranteed by the government therefore there no delays.
If you work not in the capital or a regional center, social additional payment (expenses on phone and gas, children’s education, courses of qualification improvement) will be offered to you.
Tax return after the term of the contract is 30 % from the total income.
Also you and your family will be paid for a flight to any destination.

2. Available comfortable accommodation
The doctor lives in a separate apartment or a country house. Residing is free-of-charge or partially paid by the country, additional payment depends on a city district.
Houses are completely furnished with household appliances and furniture.
Services of the house personnel (a maid, a nurse) also are available for doctors.

3. Vacation
Doctors are provided with 36 days of paid vacation a year. There is a simplified system of receiving visas and permits in any country of the world without overpayment.

4. Education
Zambian hospitals encourage improvement of professional skill and are ready to pay the best courses and trainings. It is due to the fact that in Zambia it is considered to be prestigious to have a well-educated staff.
If you have children of school age with you, they also can study at an English school.
Zambian university is the only one on the continent where European students study. Our compatriots also teach there.

5. A possibility of an additional job
You can work additionally in a private hospital and even make private appointments.
There is a possibility to make films and picture stories for National Geographic, to teach children tennis or playing musical instruments. A simple hobby at home can become a source of the additional income in Zambia (for example, breeding of thoroughbred dogs).

6. A favorable climate
Zambia is a warm country with a very comfortable climate. The average temperature in summer is +32°C, in winter is -18°C.
In Zambia there are the best resort zones in Africa.

7. The full English insurance for all cases

8. An adequate nutrition
Zambia is the resort country with a moderate climate that allows having the rich base of nutrition consisting of European and tropical products. Crops are collected several times per year, therefore in the market there is no deficiency of seasonal vegetables and fruit. The products price also is acceptable.
There are a lot of European fruit and vegetables (for example, apples and potato) delivered from the republic of South Africa.
The average net cost of an adequate nutrition for a family of 4 people will make up 300 US dollars per month.

9. The further prospects
Zambia is the only country in the world which accepts your diploma without strict examinations, by results of an interview. In terms of salaries level, quality of life, and working conditions it is a very good offer. Today positions in medicine are occupied by professionals from European countries, English native speakers. There are numerous reasons for such a choice: a good practice, low cost of residing, eco-surrounding, as well as financing of country development projects. Many doctors who earlier planned to immigrate to the USA, Great Britain or Australia, and used Zambia as a starting point, as a result have returned to Zambia as a constant workplace.
If you are interested to work as the doctor in Ukraine-Zambia Cultural Center on the basis of Zambia state hospitals, please contact us on through email with your personal information (the speciality, gender, age, education, experience, professional level, current methods of diagnostics and treatment). We also will provide you with full consultation if you visit our offices in Ukraine or Zambia.

If you meet our criteria, preparation to the departure usually takes 3 months.
Necessary documents:
CIS doctors should be ready to provide our center with the documents confirming their education and qualifications.
All candidates should have English language skills sufficient for the effective communication on medical matters with patients and colleagues.
If necessary, you can take an education course in our center or to prepare by yourself.

For more details, please, contact our office in Kiev:
SKYPE: Ukraine.zambia.cultural.centre

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