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How to enter a university in Ukraine


Rules of enrolment to the Ukrainian universities for international students

In case the Ukrainian university has the license for preparation specialists – citizens of other countries – every wishing foreigners can enter it, irrespectively of the country of residing.
In Ukraine trainings for foreigners are conducted in English language.
First thing to do is to submit the following documents necessary for higher educational in Ukraine to Ukraine-Zambia Cultural Center:

  • The questionnaire of the respective sample
  • A copy of the document about education with its reference
  • The document about absence of HIV-infection
  • The medical certificate of health (the receiving date no more than two months)
  • An insurance policy
  • A copy of the birth certificate
  • 6 photos (6х4 cm)
  • A return ticket with an open returning date within one year

Rules of enrolment in the Ukrainian universities in 2014
Enrolment begins not later than on June, 20 and lasts till July, 25
In large universities there are centers for foreign citizens’ preparation. There the future students study Ukrainian language and receive necessary knowledge in some subjects. Such training  lasts about 1 year. Cost of such training totals from 1000 US dollars.
It is possible to familiarize with the full list of the Ukrainian universities here:
Contact us for consultation, and we will help you to choose a university and competently legalize all necessary documents.

Please, contact our office in Kiev for detail information:
SKYPE: Ukraine.zambia.cultural.centre

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