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Ukraine-Zambia relations


For many years Ukraine has close diplomatic relations with Zambia. The countries support bilateral cooperation in international relations, economy, health protection, agriculture, and the mining industry.
The consul of Zambia in the Ukrainian embassy represents Zambian interests.
The countries support each other within the United Nations and other international organizations at an official level.
 The most discussed and interesting subject matters for the Ukrainian citizens are questions of citizenship and registration of passport documents. In 2011 nearly 70 Ukrainians lived in Zambia. As for today this figure has grown a few times. The most part of the Ukrainian population in Zambia are doctors working under contracts with Ministry of Health of Zambia, the women who married citizens of Zambia and foreign residents of the country, and the private Ukrainian businessmen, engaged in entrepreneurial activity in Africa.
Ukraine supports Zambia in its struggle against colonialism.
Mechanical engineering, aircraft, and military sector also are prospective and mutually advantageous directions of cooperation.
Cooperation between Ukraine and Zambia in educational sector
Zambia actively supports mutual relations with Ukraine in education.
The most popular specialities among entrants from Zambia are:

  • Medicine
  • Engineering
  • Economics
  • Computer science
  • Agricultural sciences
  • Trophology

Training for a bachelor degree takes from 4 to 6 years.
The educational system of Zambia consists of five sectors:

  • Preschool education
  • Development and Education (ECCDE)
  • Basic education
  • Secondary education
  • Higher education and improvement of professional skill (Tertiary Education and Adult Literacy and Skills Development)

In Zambia there exist the Education Sector Investment Programme (ESIP) which objective is restoration of educational establishments and improvement of education quality in the country. As for today, there are 3 state universities and a plenty of technical colleges in Zambia.

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