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About Zambia


Zambia is the country with a tropical climate situated in Southern Africa, without an access to the sea, located mainly on a plateau. Nevertheless, in Zambia there is a plenty of reservoirs – the rivers, lakes and falls. On the Zambezi River which flows along the border with Zimbabwe, the famous Victoria Fall is located.
Zambia consists of 10 provinces which are divided into districts.
Location: the South of the Central Africa, Zambia shares a boundary with 8 countries.
Lusaka (about 1 million people)
The area
 753,000 km
The population
14 million people
Time zone
UTC 2 (conforms to Ukrainian time)
Subequatorial climate with three strongly marked seasons: rainy and warm – from November till April, dry and cool – from May till July, hot and dry – from August till October.
Temperature fluctuates from 15 °C in winter, up to 27 °C in summer.
Daily differences are insignificant.
The annual quantity of precipitations in the north reaches 1500 mm, in the south – 700 mm.
Governmental structure
Zambia is a presidential republic. Legislative and executive authority belongs to the president. He also is the commander-in-chief of the country armed forces. The Legislature belongs to unicameral National Assembly.
The international name: ZMK
Zambian Kwacha it is equal to 100 ngwee. Operating banknotes are: 20, 50, 100, 500, 1000, 5000, 10 000, 20 000 and 50 000 Kwachas. Coins: 25 and 50 ngwee, as well as 1, 5, and 10 ngwee.
Exchange can be made in banks and Forex exchange offices, as well as in large hotels and at the airports. The Forex exchange rate usually is better than in banks. Bank services are available in all large cities of the country.
Credit cards such as Visa, MasterСard, Access, American Express, Diners Club and traveler’s cheques are accepted for payment in the majority of hotels, shops, and restaurants in Lusaka, but to use them in other cities is problematic.
State language: English
English language is used even in the remote areas. In Zambia there are more than 70 local languages and dialects.
 75 % of the population is Christians. Many residents preach religious eclecticism, combining Christianity and traditional local animistic cults. The other part of the believers is presented by Muslims, Jews, and Hindus.
Cuisine of Zambia
The most popular national dishes of Zambia Cuisine are delicacies of a fresh-water fish. The most widespread and cheap food is the hen and rice.
In Zambia it is accepted to bargain, whether in the market or in small private shop. It is not only a usual but also expected procedure.

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